Submitting the first application


I submitted my first ever business school application a few minutes ago. It had been a stressful situation over the past two weeks as I had to almost move the world to get my transcript from my undergraduate program. Oh well, that will form the basis of my next post.

The Round 2 application deadline for INSEAD is November 27, 2013. As at yesterday evening I was an emotional mess as I wondered how my recommenders would get their letters in before the deadline. It was early this morning as I went through the application form that i saw that the letters of recommendation can come in seven days after the deadline. That reduced the stress levels tremendously.

The first time I tried to submit the application, my debit card was declined. I sent an email to the technical team of INSEAD immediately but I did not get any response. It was when I tried again this evening that the application was finally accepted. But what really ticked me off was that when I tried to open the application again this evening, all the updates that I spent over five hours to do over the past two days were all gone. All the essays and transcripts that I uploaded were nowhere to be found. Well, I had to pull myself together and update the whole stuff all over again. It was after I submitted that I saw a tiny little mistake. I used a different town for the location of one of my part time job. Well, I believe that should not be a deal breaker. And well, I hope nobody would notice, except an admission officer reads my blog. And I bet they won’t even notice the mistake. Haha!

Well, first application to INSEAD done.

Time to move on to the next school. The dream school. Harvard.


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