Revisiting Wharton


I told my boss about my decision to apply to Chicago Booth instead of Wharton. His first reaction was “What’s Booth?”. He was aghast. “Well, if that’s what you want, then no problem. I will gladly do your recommendation”. This was coming from someone who has an MBA from Oxford. Someone who should know what works and what doesn’t work in Africa.

This was interesting. I decided to do a little research about what Africans, Nigerians especially, what they think about Booth. To my horror over 50% of them have never heard of Booth before, but they have all heard about Wharton. Now, my intention is to get an MBA from a school whose name would kick doors open, not merely knock on them. I was shocked back into reality that Booth would knock doors timidly in Africa.

Then I went back to Booth’s website and took a stroll around the place. Then I got another shocker. Booth is also looking for someone who would fit with the town called Chicago.

You say what??

I have no idea in the US where Chicago is located. I am an African boy. My roots are in Africa. And that is where I am going to develop with my MBA.

I’m sorry Booth. Africa just doesn’t know who you are. Poets and Quants got me fooled for a minute.


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