Watching the deadlines


The deadlines are here! They are less than 10 days away now!

Harvard: January 6, 2014
Wharton: January 7, 2014
Stanford: January 8, 2014


I thought it was going to be an easy ride after getting the transcript and submitting the INSEAD applications at the nick of time. It was not been so. Now, I need to manage people. I have to keep nudging my recommenders. Luckily, I have one who is always on point; in fact, he has often been ahead of me on a few occasions. I guess that is what business school is all about. You get to fight deadlines every now and then. You have to keep pushing people to do what they have delegated them to do, including your bosses.

There are so many variables that come up for consideration.

Okay! Now putting pen on paper, rather putting fingers to keyboard has given me an idea of what to do to push for this.

So, I am too busy to complete my rambling. I will be back.


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