Submitting Harvard Application



With heart pounding, palms sweating, and forehead beading with sweat, I typed in the debit card number (yes, only the ultra rich use credit cards in Africa, not common people like me). I made a mistake, and retyped it with shaking hands. This is Harvard Business School we are talking about here. I typed my name, typed the expiration date on the card, the secret code at the back of the card, filled in the other information and SUBMITTED.

I stared at the screen for about half a minute as my heart beat slowed and my sweaty palms and forehead recovered slightly from the shock of submitting an application to Harvard Business School. I have done my best. I put my best foot forward. It is time to see if Harvard likes me enough to call me for the interview. I don’t have time to brood at the moment. A heavy weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. Truly, I have done my best.

It is time to move on to other schools. Something strange happened while I was preparing the applications. The schools seem to be re-arranging themselves. Initially, I was not interested in Stanford. I was enamored by HBS and INSEAD. Well, am I glad that I am applying to Stanford. Anyway, this is all about Harvard for now, so I will not derail the topic.

Well, I chose to use the image up there because it converges my dream school with the most successful manager of my favorite football team, Manchester United. I have completed the first major task of 2014. Time to go and eat that sumptuous New Year breakfast that my wife cooked, sleep, and then watch Manchester United take on Tottenham Hotspur later in the day. It is going to be a touch match. Tottenham has historically given us loads of headache, and I suspect it is going to be a cracking match after Andrea Villas Boas was sacked, and the new coach has developed some serious attacking instincts.


5 thoughts on “Submitting Harvard Application

  1. domotron says:

    Good luck!

  2. AJ J says:

    You’ll get in. We have a similar background and aspirations but your stats slightly beat mine 😦
    That sucks for me, and I have a feeling we’ll both be compared along with the many other applicants and you’ll come out victorious.

    • knightmba says:

      Who says the class cannot contain both of us? 🙂

      Are you an African doctor who switched careers to finance too? And what kind of stats ar you talking about exactly? Well, my age may count against me, so you cannot be too sure…

      • AJ J says:

        Let’s hope so.
        African (non-doctor) who switched career to finance, but my GMAT score is a 680 –didn’t have enough time to crack 700 although I did it repeatedly on tests. My aspirations are also to return to Africa and help out. I’m probably just being paranoid. Good luck though. I hope we both get in.

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