Catching the application fever


Yeah, that’s right. The application fever does not start when you are preparing for the GMAT. It starts when you start submitting and waiting for interview invites to hit your inbox. It has been a pretty dramatic 24 hours for me. The drama started on GMAT Club when interview invites started rolling in from INSEAD, and everyone started talking about coordinators.

Whoa! What coordinator? INSEAD did not send me that memo!

I went into a panic mode and sent a very polite email to, using British spelling all the way. Yeah, INSEAD likes international applicants, and you need to show your ability to operate at the international level by switching into different international modes at the snap of a finger. There is a reason the school dedicated a whole question to discuss international motivation. Early this morning, I finally got a very polite email from someone whom I assume to be my coordinator.

Case closed. Not yet. Where is my interview invite?


2 thoughts on “Catching the application fever

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