Rolling with the roller coaster


There is only one word to describe the last 36 hours: crazy. It has probably been the craziest 36 hours of my life, excluding some operating room or emergency room drama I had when I lived by the Hippocratic Oath.

I finally got the INSEAD interview invite today. It came at a very unexpected time. I was driving home from work when I heard a ping on my phone. I had set my phone to make one funny sound any time I received a very important e-mail. Since I am in the same time zone with France and it was already 6.30 pm, the last thing I had on my mind was an interview invite from INSEAD. I thought it was an email from my new boss (I just got a bog promotion two days ago – that is another story for another day). I almost lost control of the car when I saw my coordinator’s name and the topic “INSEAD Round 2 Interview selection”.

I did not see that coming. It was a real rush of emotions after all I had passed through with the mix-up about coordinators, the late night I had to pull to get my Wharton application in with a half fried brain, and the hourly refreshing of both inbox and spam folders in the office today. It took me a few minutes to calm myself down. I had to remind myself that this was just the first step in the hurdle. I still have to do the interview. The battle is won but the war is not over.

I am glad that INSEAD has shown interest in me. Indeed I am.

At this time, I wish everyone who is waiting for the news all the best.


2 thoughts on “Rolling with the roller coaster

  1. Vibhav says:

    Congrats bro!

    Very interesting blog you have here.

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