Reviewing the applications

I woke up this morning drenched in sweat in the cold harmattan weather sweeping the West African region. The reality of my situation probably sunk into my subconscious mind overnight. I felt on top of the world before going to bed but ended up waking with a headache and feeling at the bottom of the world. Yes, I have received the interview invite from INSEAD, but the journey has just begun. Now I am going to be measured against the best from across the globe. I think I will make a good fit for INSEAD, but so will thousands of others, thousands of others who could be better fits.

The euphoria is over. Reality has sunk in. This is when I need to be true to myself. The hardest part is the wait before the final decision. I need to keep that a the back of my head and roll up my sleeves.

My new reality dragged me into an introspective good today. I decided to review my journey so far and the to look for a way to marshal my plan towards the interview. First I need to understand how I got to where I am.

I hired consultant who helped me through the applications for Harvard, INSEAD, and Stanford. I poured my heart into the applications. I bared my soul and faced my fears. The applications depicted the real me. Wharton was a difference case altogether. I have a limited war chest for the applications, so I had to lean on a colleague who I met at my former employer and who also happens to be a second year candidate at Wharton. Who else could be in a better position to guide me through the application process if not someone who hago been through the process before? There was a stark difference between the consultant and for friend. While I saw the real me shine througI with the consultant, I felt canned in the Wharton applications. I hardly recognized myself after submitting the Wharton application. Yeah, the application looked really good, and well executed but it wasn’t me. The question now is whether that would work.

So far I have been been invited by INSEAD. I hope I get invites from Harvard and Stanford. Let’s see if Wharton would work. I hope I will be able to use my experience to advise others in the future.

Does the canned method of application works? Time will tell.


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