Dealing with an unexpected promotion


Everybody wants to get a promotion. I am not excluded. On the first working day of 2014, I got an unexpected promotion. My first reaction was confusion. I had worked to hard on those applications and I was at the end stages of submitting applications that I had worked on for many many hours. How should I work in this promotion when I would have achieved exactly nothing before the deadlines? To even make matters worse, I had already submitted my Harvard applications, and Harvard expressly forbids sending extra materials once you have clicked on that submit button.

It was a big promotion although it came without the extra pay. But it is a sure boost to my profile because of the added responsibilities. This unexpected promotion dragged my application on for a few days as a I settled into my new position and reworked my application to reflect this new role. But my dream school does not know that I have been promoted, and, well, that sucks. Thinking really hard about it now, I doubt that this promotion would have made a lot of difference though. I have received series of promotions and I doubt that receiving five promotions in five years would really be much more impressive than receiving four promotions in five years. So, it all boils down to whether Harvard likes my story or not. I am glad that I have been able to add it to my Wharton and Stanford applications.

INSEAD called me for interview, so I guess bringing up this new promotion at the interviews will definitely give us something to say. 

Another source of confusion about the promotion was that this has actually taken me to a whole new level in my finance career. I almost had doubts with business school applications. But then…

…the show must go on.


3 thoughts on “Dealing with an unexpected promotion

  1. GMAT Club says:

    Congratulations!!! Good luck with applications

  2. Hasitha says:

    congratulations…experiencing same situation here :/

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