The first disappointment

Ah! I am just a basket of emotions right now. Harvard, my initial dream school before I did more in-depth research, has sent out the first wave of interview invites. After refreshing my email obsessively for about an hour, I came to grips with the fact that Harvard may not like me the way I liked it.

It is just the first wave so why am I disappointed? Well, Dee Leopold said that “many” invites would be sent out in the first wave and “some” would be sent out in the second wave. Some geeks on the Gmat Club have calculated the chances of getting an invite in the second wave and it came down to 2.3%. From a high of 17% for the first wave. That means there is 97.7% chance of getting a ding. Can I hold out hope for an invite? Well, theoretically I can, but mathematically I can’t. But my life has been a miracle up to this point. So here’s what I will do. I will hope and pray for the best.

Meanwhile I have been able to lock down my interviewers for INSEAD. I don’t have  the luxury of remaining crestfallen. I just have to pull myself together and get ready for my first interview in two days.

It hurts but life goes on.


6 thoughts on “The first disappointment

  1. Abhijit Landge says:

    Its not over yet.

    • knightmba says:

      Yes, I know. My chances now lie at the tail end of the normal distribution curve after the 97th percentile. I believe in miracles and I hope my case will be that of a black swan.

  2. domotron says:

    Keep your head up, it’s not over until the fat lady sings! I was R1 and was dinged without an interview. It sucked but there are a bunch of good schools out there so remember to keep it all in perspective.

  3. detayo says:

    Its not over yet and i think you should channel the energy towards the INSEAD interview….would love to get in touch with you…hopefully, you can see my email addy…

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