Wait list Strategy for INSEAD

After a week of accepting the fact that I am not going to Stanford, Harvard or Wharton, at least not this year, I have cleared the cobwebs off my head and put on my thinking cap. Time to dust myself and move on. My priority now is to try to get off the INSEAD Wait list as soon as possible. If that happens, that will put a screeching halt to all other alternative options and the attendant heartaches and e-mail obsessive refreshes.

So I have decided to approach the wait list like a real application by itself. A wait list is a lifeline, and I don’t have time to faff around like it does not matter. So many things have happened between the time I submitted my application and the time I received the decision, and it is time to let the INSEAD Admission Committee know that my profile has changed. There were some things that I could not work into the application because of space, and I felt this might just be a golden opportunity to let them catch a glimpse of these other aspects of me.

I called my consultant and told her we are on again.


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