Restrategising again…

It has been a very stressful two weeks and I am glad it is all over. I am still waiting for INSEAD, while I actually started and finished an application to, well, guess…. šŸ™‚ London Business School. No no! Not the full time MBA, but the Executive MBA! A lot of things have happened within the intervening period to make me feel that I should take a shot at the EMBA path.

Here’s the deal. I hired another consultant to take a thorough look at my profile, and at the applications I submitted. It was a very thorough postmortem review. The review actually made me dig deeper into myself and to re-evaluate my choices. Now, this review also took a good look at my current circumstances. I more or less experienced an eureka moment. Am I happy with my current job? By all means, yes! And I wouldn’t hesitate to take back my current role even I had gone to Harvard Business School for two years. I am actually on track to achieving my long term goals. It simply made perfect sense to go for an EMBA.

So, at this point, there is no two year MBA for me again. It is either a one year MBA or an EMBA.

And what if I get offers from INSEAD and LBS? We will cross the bridge we get there.


3 thoughts on “Restrategising again…

  1. sarahrs81 says:

    Brave choice. I’ve also made a similar decision to focus on part time MBAs. Good luck

  2. Yvonne says:

    I’m not sure if this is of interest, but it occurred to me to share it just on the off-chance you would consider Stanford GSB or know of someone else who might benefit. Deadline to apply is June 13.

    Best wishes!

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