A scholarship from London Business School!

I was in my office minding my own business, preparing for a board meeting, when I got an email alert. My first reaction was to ignore it but then when I saw the header “London Business School”, I dumped everything to open the email. Maybe the admission guys were just sending a friendly reminder about the next payment deadline for August 1, 2014. As if I would forget. I opened the email, and there it was… “Congratulations… blah blah blah Scholarship”!

I could not immediately process the words between the congratulations and the scholarship. I have had a difficult time talking to my employer about my desire to attend the Executive MBA Program at London Business School. I was the first person to ever make such a request at my company for something like this and there was no policy about it. So my case had to be taken to the board of directors. Now, I saw this scholarship, which will cover 30% of the tuition as another bargaining tool. I understand my employer’s fear that I may use the LBS platform to take off for a more juicer appointment; but if I wanted to, I would have resigned my position long time ago.

My first reaction was to forward the email to my boss who had gone for the Hajj in Saudi Arabia immediately. I got a response from him after a few hours congratulating me, and then I knew that the battle might just be tilting in my favor. I hope I will not be forced to make a difficult decision between my employment and the business school, but if I have to, I know where my heart lies.

Wish me luck for the remaining part of the battle with my employer…


5 thoughts on “A scholarship from London Business School!

  1. domotron says:

    Great news. Congrats!

  2. knightmba says:

    Thanks a lot Domotron..

  3. SG says:

    Dear KnightMBA,

    I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for experiences of people who had been wait listed on INSEAD MBA. I found many telling their stories of hope and despair. Your account of your struggle gave me inspiration. There were so many similarities (other than being on the older side and a healthcare professional).

    I got a wait list notification last week, and INSEAD was the only school I applied. And as you can feel, it is not the best position to be in, from an emotional perspective. Also, my score expires this August, so no more application for me until I get new GMAT. The whole journey again seems so much of a daunting task that it scares me.

    but, I see hope from your struggle and a final win. Not that everyone can get a win after struggle, but I wish you best.


    P>S>: If I could, and you permit, I want to talk to you. Leave me a number if you can and I will call you.

    • knightmba says:

      I know how a waitlist feels and I am so sorry to hear that you got waitlisted at INSEAD. Don’t give up. You just need to weigh your options and craft a way forward. As you might have noticed, I got three dings without interview and then the only interview I had ended up with a waitlist. It was a crushing experience. But I dug deeper. I had a little chat with Essay Snark (of course it was not free and it was not really that we spoke on phone or something like that), and I spent a little money. And it really helped. I already had options when I applied to LBS, just in case I got dinged/waitlisted but fortunately, I did not have to go that far because I got accepted with scholarship for the Executive MBA.

      And since you are not on the older side, it makes things much more easier for you. You have one more year to differentiate yourself, look inward, decide what exactly you want out of life and how an MBA will help you get there. The truth is most people who go for MBA Programmes don’t really need it, but at the end you might wonder what your life would have turned out to be if only you did. So better be safe than sorry.

      I wish you all the best as you work your way forward.

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