A Painful Deferral…

I was all set.

My UK Visa was ready for the orientation week in London in the second week of September. I had paid the second instalment of the tuition. I was pumped. I had finished reading Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Good to Great by Jim Collins, the recommended readings by London Business School EMBA. I was ready.

Then my employer said “No Knight, we cannot release you at this time! We have so much to do at this time and you are going to be needed for some of these things over the next fifteen months”. It was heartbreaking. My first reaction was to resign my position, but my employer saw this coming. They gave me a raise, and then promised another promotion next year. The honorable thing to do was to defer. This is not the time to burn bridges.

Thankfully I had just finished reading Flow. Now I understand. When you have an obstacle, you can either take it out of the way or look at the big picture and work around the obstacles. Apparently, while I may not have started business schools, it looks as if I have started learning. I could use the next one year to read more of the recommended books, and also get to improve revenue streams for my side business. This will also expose me to some new perspectives that will help me enrich the class when I actually start.

Although the painful thing is that I am going to lose the scholarship. But I have been assured that I can reapply next year, but who knows if I will be able to win it again? As they say, thunder does not strike twice in one place.

After all, the pay rise should be able to more than make up for the lost scholarship in the next one year.