London Business School Scholarship

They say lightening does not strike twice in one place. In my case, it did. I won a scholarship to London Business School last year, but I had to defer and also let go of the scholarship in the process. I re-applied again this year so that I could at least say, I tried. And then I won it again. It was such a blast when I got the email. The first thing that flashed crossed my mind was the fact that when I got the first ding ever, from Harvard Business School, I was sitting right in front of the same computer, on the same chair and in the same position as I did when I got the scholarship alert. The experience of the sinking feeling and despondence was in the extreme and opposite spectrum of what I felt 17 months after.

To top off the whole thing, I also landed a student loan from Prodigy Finance to complete the tuition. It was like a dream. I mean I am in far away Nigeria, and I thought I was fooling myself applying for a student loan. I had read about these loans and how you need to have a co-signer and stuff like that.

Applying to business school is indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions, and it feels really good to be on the high end of the roller coaster.

Despite taking a long break from business school and scholarship applications, the emotions never really leaves. It’s been months since I updated my blog. Seven months, to be precise, and I am a year older, a year wiser and a year more experienced. Finally, it looks like I am even more prepared for business school than I was last year. While my stats still seem a little bit short of the class average, the extra year wait has moved me a tad closer.

Now, I am looking forward the next phase of my life as the adventure in London Business School begins in exactly thirty nine days from today.


One thought on “London Business School Scholarship

  1. mbablackgirl says:

    Congrats! You’ll love london!

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