London Business School Scholarship

They say lightening does not strike twice in one place. In my case, it did. I won a scholarship to London Business School last year, but I had to defer and also let go of the scholarship in the process. I re-applied again this year so that I could at least say, I tried. And then I won it again. It was such a blast when I got the email. The first thing that flashed crossed my mind was the fact that when I got the first ding ever, from Harvard Business School, I was sitting right in front of the same computer, on the same chair and in the same position as I did when I got the scholarship alert. The experience of the sinking feeling and despondence was in the extreme and opposite spectrum of what I felt 17 months after.

To top off the whole thing, I also landed a student loan from Prodigy Finance to complete the tuition. It was like a dream. I mean I am in far away Nigeria, and I thought I was fooling myself applying for a student loan. I had read about these loans and how you need to have a co-signer and stuff like that.

Applying to business school is indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions, and it feels really good to be on the high end of the roller coaster.

Despite taking a long break from business school and scholarship applications, the emotions never really leaves. It’s been months since I updated my blog. Seven months, to be precise, and I am a year older, a year wiser and a year more experienced. Finally, it looks like I am even more prepared for business school than I was last year. While my stats still seem a little bit short of the class average, the extra year wait has moved me a tad closer.

Now, I am looking forward the next phase of my life as the adventure in London Business School begins in exactly thirty nine days from today.


A scholarship from London Business School!

I was in my office minding my own business, preparing for a board meeting, when I got an email alert. My first reaction was to ignore it but then when I saw the header “London Business School”, I dumped everything to open the email. Maybe the admission guys were just sending a friendly reminder about the next payment deadline for August 1, 2014. As if I would forget. I opened the email, and there it was… “Congratulations… blah blah blah Scholarship”!

I could not immediately process the words between the congratulations and the scholarship. I have had a difficult time talking to my employer about my desire to attend the Executive MBA Program at London Business School. I was the first person to ever make such a request at my company for something like this and there was no policy about it. So my case had to be taken to the board of directors. Now, I saw this scholarship, which will cover 30% of the tuition as another bargaining tool. I understand my employer’s fear that I may use the LBS platform to take off for a more juicer appointment; but if I wanted to, I would have resigned my position long time ago.

My first reaction was to forward the email to my boss who had gone for the Hajj in Saudi Arabia immediately. I got a response from him after a few hours congratulating me, and then I knew that the battle might just be tilting in my favor. I hope I will not be forced to make a difficult decision between my employment and the business school, but if I have to, I know where my heart lies.

Wish me luck for the remaining part of the battle with my employer…